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Jim Schwabel Photographer

I first became interested in photography while serving in the army stationed on Governors Island off Manhattan and later in Germany. I started with a second hand camera, black and white film and a photo lab on the military base.

Photography continued to be a favorite hobby of mine after returning to civilian life with a wife and career as an accountant. Together we enjoyed travel and I enjoyed photographing our travel adventures. Eventually I began to sell my travel images for use in magazines and calendars. When the company I worked for closed, my wife and I made the decision to follow my dream of making photography a full time profession. I have always loved wide angle photography which led to my purchasing a large format panoramic camera. I then started to work with stock photo agencies to sell my regular 35mm photos along with my new panoramic photos. The agencies do much of the business end, taking care of sales and paperwork, allowing me to concentrate on my photography. My photos have now been used worldwide appearing in magazines, textbooks, calendars and many other publications and advertisements for companies large and small.

During this time I was seldom happy with the prints that someone else made of my photographs. When computers, photoshop and desktop printers came along that changed. I could now scan my film and make my own prints. Having prints that I was happy with gave me the incentive to try selling them at art and craft shows. I then spent eight successful years selling at shows drawing praise from customers and winning awards along the way.

Wanting a change, I have now moved from art & craft shows to showing my work in galleries, shops and exhibits. I also moved to digital cameras and now seldom use my film cameras. With the advances in cameras, software and printers I can now control the entire process from pushing the shutter to the framing of the final print. This allows me to create fine art work that is completely mine and that I am truly happy with and proud to display.

My wife, Annette, has been a tremendous help in all of this as a partner, assistant, travel companion and supporter so that I often include her name with mine on the back of my prints.

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